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Xuanyi Aura Wang 王暄贻

My art discusses the relationship between the physical body, the psyche, culture, and society. My paintings dissect the biases of the physical body, self-memory, and collective memory to examine humanity and civilization. I explore these ideas through the depiction of human anatomy, organs, and sexuality. My work stimulates the fear of death and abject horror, mixing them with cultural and visual design that signifies beauty. This process creates a liminal space for the viewers to question their understanding of the body and the ego. 


October 2020 Published in Hart Magazine


March.2021 Existence at Wind H Art Center

Story book design for Wuhan Doctors who fought at the

beginning of the pandemic.

June 2021 CIAD Global Water Dance Art Group show

New York

February 2022 Transitions at The Holy Art Group Show


March 2022 Senior Exhibition at SVA Chelsea Gallery

New York

May 2022 What it means to make art in 2022 Symposium

FIT New York

June 2022 Egenolff 30 Pixel Skull Group Show


September 2022 Pixel Skull Group Show at Mecenate


November 2022 The Other Space at Xiansheng Gallery


December 2022 Free For All Group Show at Tutu Gallery

New York

July 2023 Restrospect:Discommissioned Works at Lodger

July 2023 Ripple art party at A Space :idrr gallery

New York

July 2023 Cement Tail of a Gecko at Tutu Gallery

New York

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